oh good you've made it here !!

hey there welcome to our business

remember you'll be making money in a while

one you set things up

so I do recommend you do things correct

many people online don't cover this aspect so your in luck

now I do recommend you link an accounting system like

intuit quick books to your bank account and do employ a quick books accountant

you'll find this will keep things legal for you

and pay your taxes please your country needs it

this is

so you don't get into trouble as well

please watch the video for more

1)here is your template copy of the page

2)then edit it in this free office system

that you need to install on your


3)upload the page using this program

for apple and linux users please find

a ftp program for your system


Learn from the best!

Now for those of who wish to make more income online

now folks the internet has changed over the years

and I'm amazed at what people pay for

DID you know websites SEO we'll discuss this inside the systems

search engine optimized

meaning when you word and set up SEO on your websites

they reach the first page in the search engines

when people who are interested in what field you've chosen

and you name your site with a unique

search term name

don't worry we use special programs to find those names

which are called keywords

which will be discussed in the systems

okay then I only have for 2 programs

based on twenty years online

the only 2 systems I find that are decent

it seems nowadays

no one really does tell the whole story

but years ago I learned marketing and still today no one

can match this system

SO ! The program still exists today

thankfully I'm able to share it with you



Now this next program teaches you as well about websites

and is the best cheapest way to have up to 50 websites

imagine if each website makes $1000.00 each a month

you'll make $50,000.00 a month or more

and thats with search engine traffic

pretty cool hey

remember it does take time though

this is how websites makes good income

now if you link your business url

to your pages this is another way to run our business

i'll run you through creating pages etc.for free in the video


basically if you put a link of your business page system

on every websites you create

this is another cheaper way for you to promote

with free search traffic